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Andrew James Kinder stands by a nautical map of Cape Cod

I worked as a documentary style videographer and editor on and off for 20 years. Most of my video work has been for weddings, live music, local government and aboard whale watch boats. I have also worked as a real estate, food, product and art duplication photographer.  

Early in life I was a carpenter and videographer on Cape Cod. Later on I purchased a restaurant and café in Guatemala where I roasted and served my own brand of coffee. After that, I moved back to Provincetown, MA where I worked as associate producer/general manager for In the Wild Productions For the towns of Brewster and Truro I was a sub contractor working in audio engineering, live broadcasting and recording video of town meetings and events.

In late 2020 I moved to southern Vermont and in 2021 I started working for The Image Loft as a giclée print maker.  

Currently I continue photographing vacation rental properties for Evolve Vacation Rental as I have done since early 2018 on Cape Cod. 

Looking for a photographer to shoot your vacation rental property? My work can be seen on Airbnb, Vrbo, HomeAway and Evolve. Why hire through a third party like HomeJab or Snapwire when we can work directly together? Contact me with info about your property and I will give you a quote.


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